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Hello. I have a friend in Spain that started working for a new company there called Ip2-TV
which provides broadband services, telephone service and cable. She suggested I help them
by providing a visual / creative analysis of their branding and I thought perhaps posting the
current logo here could be a good start. The work that is posted was created by their designer
in Spain, whose name I do not know.
A thorough honest critique would be much appreciated.
Linked are two versions of their logo.


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The orbital swoosh (I forget the technical term) is really out-of-date and cliche. The mouse on the end doesn't help either. I'm not sure I get the symbolism of the two interlocking TV screens - it would be clever if they spelled out the name of the company, but I can't see anything in them. What are they supposed to represent?

Overall, the logo looks very "Year 2000".

- Lex

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I think the 2 screens should spell TV!?!? But I just read TU

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I never even thought of that, but you may be right. I'd say it's redundant, as the TV screens already signify "TV". Also, if this is the case, the stem of the 'T' isn't centred properly.

- Lex

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