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What font are used in the logo for Skanska Teatern?

My first post on this forum. Yee-ha! ;)

We've got a question at the Swedish advertising forum www.bold.se about what font is used in the logotype for the Swedish theater »Skånska Teatern«? My first association was a early version of Caslon but thats not quite right. Any suggestions?


Välkommen Mårten!

Tackar Peter!

Jag har varit ubåt sedan flera år men har liksom aldrig fått tummen ur och deltagit i några diskussioner. Det får bli ändring på det nu. Det är alldeles för roligt för att bara titta på. Btw: Har du några idéer gällande typsnittet ovan?

English summary: Internal Swedish drivel. No answers to my query... ;)

Rookledge's have a regular that probably would look a bit similar 8But the K & R are different) soled but they only name it "French Old Style" so it's pretty general.
I also think a superbold Cheltenham modified?


Hmm checked Berlingksa's type specimen since it's close. They havce something that would match Rookledge's "French Old Style" but calll it Fet italiansk Atiqua (Fat Italian Antiqua).
It fits well, but the K & R are not the same either.

Hej Mårten! :)

A gathering of Typophilic Swedes!

I hope non-Swedes are also welcome. I found that Bob Alonso's Crescent has very similar features. Flattening/stretching it would make the resemblance even closer.

- Mike Yanega

Bob Alonso ?

Yes, he is the founder/designer for BA Graphics Fonts, who worked at Photo-Lettering, and has also done some ITC Fonts. Here is his profile page at MyFonts.

- Mike Yanega