"Bowderaking" fine brush script similar to FF Tartine Script

Does this look familiar?


It looks like work by Alejandro Paul and Angel Koziupa, but I could not find this at their Sudtipos site. This browser sucks at the Veer site where they may have some other fonts shown.

I am going to search Part 8 of the Script Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

What's the source? Are you certain it's a font?

That's a good question, because there are no repeated letters. If you look at Malbeck and its Alternates shown here, you'll see why I think this looks like the work of Paul & Koziupa.

Maybe it was lettering done by one of them?

- Mike Yanega

That was by far the closest resemblance I saw in the Script Guide. I also went through the entire Script section of the new 'Big Yellow' (which unfortunately does not include any of their works).

If I had to guess I would still say one or both of them did this lettering/font.

- Mike Yanega

The source is vector art. I'm not certain its a font. I believe it is a font and not hand lettering because the letters are individual shapes. I'm guessing though as I don't know who originally created it.

I agree with you Mike. This looks like Sudtipos to me but I can't find it.

I have just been looking at the word 'Bowderaking' set in most of the script styles at Veer, and Rob Leuschke's scripts at MyFonts. Nothing matches, but I still think the Paul/Koziupa fonts are by far the most similar of the ones I have looked at.

Alejandro Paul is sometimes a participant here. I will try contacting him to see if he can help with this.

- Mike Yanega

I regret to call off the hunt but I am starting to think this was hand made. The sample was from a source I would have thought would not have the budget for hand-drawn lettering but its possible they re-purposed it from something else. So, I think it is hand drawn and not a font. Who wants to make this font for me? We could call it: Tartine-Malbeck.

Call Xavier Dupré.

Heya, thanks to suggest Sudtipos but the sample is not mine BUT I m working on a similar style font but I m not sure when I ll finish it. Anyway, if you need a lettering work...

in the while visit Sudtipos :P

Another beauty Alejandro.

Nick Cooke

yes, Call Xavier Dupré! if he doesnt answer call me! :P hehehe

I regret neglecting your name, Ale.

Don' t worry, Xavier is a good friend of mine (see the Affair pdf collaboration) and he really loves the lettering work and the "fonts for packaging". Another one is Chuck Borges