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Jan van Krimpen

Jan van Krimpen (1892–1958)

Dutch typographer. His type-designs Lutetia, Romanée, Romulus, Cancelleresca Bastarda, Romulus Sans, Sheldon, Spectrum, Haarlemmer, Antigone Greek (not a complete list). His punch-cutter at Joh. Enschedé en Zonen was Rädisch. The relation between Van Krimpen and Rädisch was difficult. DTL is currently digitalising a few of Van Krimpens designs.

His stamps (designs for the Dutch PTT post published in 1946) where well known and liked throughout the Netherlands.

Articles and books by Van Krimpen:

‘On Designing and Devising Type’ (1957)

Articles and books about Van Krimpen:

Dreyfus, John – The Work of Jan van Krimpen (1952)