(x) Assorted Cocktail cookie tin serif w/ swashes - Bookman Swash {Rainer}

Dear all,

This one's giving me a Headache ... anyone knows this Font? Fed the BW gif file into MyFonts 'What the Font' engine but the search didn't return any interesting resuts. thanks in advance.



Bookman Complete, the one with the swashes. This typeface is not available at MyFonts, that's why the machine can't recognise it.

Also available as ITC Bookman from FontShop. Sadly, our sampler doesn't show the swash alternates quite yet, but I assure you they are there. You can get a sample by calling up the boys at FS.

I can't speak to the differences between Jukebox's (Veer) version and the Monotype version, except to assume that Jukebox used scanned samples for their interpretation and Monotype probably used the original foundry art as they own ITC.