(x) Backdraft condensed serif face - Amati (Amossa) {Mike Y}

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It's so familiar, but I've spent far too long trying to identify it already.
Can anyone help?


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Spire, Onyx and Skyline are all close but none are quite a match.

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Also, Arsis and Niagara Solid.

- Lex

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This is 'Amati', originally released by Weber in 1951. It was digitized as 'Amossa' by NovelFonts. You can see it in the Jaspert "Encyclopaedia of Type Faces". I think I have a sample in the Serif Font ID Guide.

- Mike Yanega

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Here is the image showing the whole typeface that I have in the Serif Guide.

- Mike Yanega

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Nice ID, Mike. I'd never seen this unique typeface before. I've just GOT to get a copy of Jaspert.

Now to see if I can hunt up a copy of Amossa ...

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Many thanks folks!

I've just realised why it looks so familiar - it reminds me of the typeface used on the packaging of Marlboro cigarettes.

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Thanks, Mike.

Marlboro cigarettes actually uses a font similar to 'Pall Mall' from Red Rooster.

- Mike Yanega

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