Help w/ fake italics in Quark

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Ok, I hate fake italics as much as the next person, but I need some help...

How come some typefaces (that don't come with an italic) can be obliqued in Quark and they print fine, while others strip out the obliquing and print as roman?

Is there a quick fix that can be done to a font to get it to accept Quark's fake italicizing?

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The method I use to be certain it is going to print is to create it in Illustrator (or a similar vector graphic program), outline and import it in Quark. Even if a printer can print out the Quark formatting there is no guarantee that it will remain formatted when it goes to film/plate. As a general rule I steer clear of all the formatting options for type for Quark.

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As a general rule, I do as well. In this instance we've created an obliqued version of the face in Fontographer, which isn't beautiful but will do the trick.

For future reference, can anyone explain what it is technically that allows only some fonts to be "italicized"?

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