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Any suggestions for Tintin fonts? I don 't need to match them exactly, but I'd like to evoke the feel of the books. There's the main lettering style of the body, a sort of slanted unconnected "printing" style, there's a more cursive style used in captions, and there's the titling style.

I'd welcome suggestions for any of them.

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You may also like to check this out.

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While you’re at it have a look at my desk.

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Thanks for all that, Conor. Very cool.

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The copyrightholders (Hergé's estate) are quite vigorous in prosecuting offenders, and they include the fonts used in the comics in their realm of ©-material.
Last century a sSpanish outfit published a faithful rendition of the bold cap lettering used on the covers of Tintin and they had to withdraw the fonts from their site, even though they said that is was an hommage.

(But all that being said — there are copies floating around the web…)

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Type-Ø-Tones have indeed met with the ugly side of Belgian lawyers.

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> Belgian lawyers

You have to love their tenacity (more-so when Tintin or football are involved).

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