(x) Morgan Stanley wordmark - custom designed (similar to Trade Gothic) {Jarrod Beglinger, (Marc O)}

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Looking for a typeface like the new Morgan Stanley wordmark?

Many Thanks - JBO1

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This looks to me like a customized version of Trade Gothic, News Gothic, Benton Sans, Franklin Gothic, etc. But if you're looking for a face that has some of the distinctive characters already included...

Akkurat has the curved l but not the one-story g.

Flama has the curved l and one-story g, but DIN-like construction.

Foco has the desired features but adds a hint of calligraphic construction.

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side note:
maybe you already knew this, but they are custom letterforms.

there is a nice story about it here:

and a more detailed description of the letterform design here:

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Many thanks - J

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I can get your single-storey 'g' and tailed 'l', but not the double 'a':
FF Schulbuch

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