(x) Looking for the font "Marsdale" - Opti Markus Roman {Martin Brodey (self)}

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Searching for a font named: Marsdale
Anyone know it?

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Marydale, perhaps? Know what it looks like or the name of the publisher?

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Only reference I can find is the Novel font which is also known as Caesar or Markus. Not a pretty thing. There are many better alternatives if you want something of this flavor.

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Yes, I have that NovelFont collection and that is 'Marsdale' = 'Caesar' (QBF). I think all of these names are aliases, but my notes don't include any 'real' name for the typeface. The NovelFonts seem to have vanished from circulation, but most were either in Opti or Brendel collections, usually with 'alias' names.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks--I think I just found it in the OPTI line--Markus Roman!


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Surely, Mike, the original was Markus Low's 'Markus' for VGC. NovelFonts!, then, changes the name for their "version" to Marsdale and Brendel (QBF today) goes from Markus to Caesar (Marcus Aurelius).

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