"Bob's your uncle" blobby face

This font looks familiar but can't place it. Any help would be appreciated.


I think it's not a font...


Pieter, does that mean something?

pecakety = caketype, my small type foundry.

I get it now! cool.

That sample looks a bit like a tweaked Hobo, doesn't it?

With only one duplicated letter ('o') I find it hard to conclude that this is not a font, although it certainly may not be. I looked in Parts 12 (Childish printing) and 14 (Strange/Distressed scripts) of the Script Font ID Guide and came up with no matches, but a few fairly close alternatives, if you are open to that idea:

Vreehend from GarageFonts;

Linotype Russisch Brot;

and Ethan Dunham's Good Dog

- Mike Yanega

thank you for the suggestions, they are close, especially "Good Dog"