Purpura Sans

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HI there people from typophile.

Many years ago i started a font called "Serene Sans" and i've posted here for appreciation. But i never finished.
So here i'am again with a new version called "Purpura sans" and i would like to hear what do you think.

My best regards to u all

Luis Gomes

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I think this has enough style in the finish that you don't need to get so wacky with the 'k', 'o', and 'x'. More standard forms there would make this a more flexible, usable face.

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HI there Stephen
First i would like to thank your opinion, and u're right we changed the "k" and "x" to not give such distant forms from the rest of the caracthers, altought we have remain the form of the "o", by now.

I also would like to show u the first sketches of the UpperCases and Numbers, to some appreciation.

Many thanks


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Hi there

Besides the lack of comments, i still continue to improve and work in our "Purpura Sans". :)
Here is our last update, any comment is very appreciated, thanks.


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The fact that the lowercase is heavier than the uppercase may be troublesome.

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Um, "purpura"? Hemorraghic bruising? Perhaps purpure, the color purple...?

(Later: I know "púrpura" means purple in Spanish; it's just that in English, that's not the primary meaning. Whether that matters or not, I don't know.)

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This reminds me of Nokia Sans, though it’s not very similar.

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I think a stencil version would look interesting!

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You can find some reference in a book called «KAREN CHENG – Designing Type» about the Cap X and the round corners in various letters which feel a bit edgy to me.

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