Looking for 70s/80s lettering sigange system

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I'm looking for a kind of do-it-yourself lettering signage system that used to be all over the place, in the UK at least, for house names and numbers particularly.

Each letter was printed on its own brushed gold, or sometimes silver coloured self adhesive aluminium plate. What made it distinctive was that the lettering was always sloped, and so each plate was too -- a parallelogram.

I know a picture would make this easier but I can't find one!

I've had a good look around on the web and in local hardware stores but I don't think I've seen it on sale for at least 5 years.

Any ideas on the tradename/manufacturer/sources?


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OK,it looked something like this (I've used Impact as it was to hand on this PC, but think it might have been a heavy condensed Univers)

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Have you tried any large garden centres?

Nick Cooke

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Most ironmongers still stock these.

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In the US, I think you can still find these in Ace Hardwares and the like. Mainly used for mailboxes, IIRC.

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Sounds like it's only my corner of South London that's run out then! Cheers, will look around a bit more.

I got a bit obsessed by this system as a kid and used to buy letters with my pocket money.

It always amused me when people compensated for the slanting letters by mounting it with a rising baseline.

I was that kind of kid.

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"I was that kind of kid."

That is probably why you were attracted to the Typophile site with the rest of us wierdo kids :-)


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