(x) SPCA International logo - Century Gothic {Lex}

Hey guys,

I'm looking for the fonts used for both "SPCA" and "International". Any help would be great. Thanks guys. Sorry about the size.


SPCA Looks like Century Gothic (with that disgusting 'S') to me.

- Lex

Oh, you're right. I have a mental block against that font.

Here's Century Gothic Bold. "INTERNATIONAL" is very small, and could be almost any condensed geometric, but looks like it might be a squooshed Century Gothic as well.

- Lex

HAHA "Squooshed". My typography professor always referred to altering type by stretching or smooshing it as "Bastardizing" the type.

I've said it before -- for some reason, I find the S in Century Gothic to be awkwardly charming.

Emphasis on awkward.

It looks more like a piece of chain from a swingset than a letter.

- Lex