The Incrediable Shrinking Scangraphic Library

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This is my first topic post so please be gentle with me...

I was really just wondering if anyone knew what was happening to the Scangraphic Library and if the current talk about Scangraphic 'copying' (or 'reappropriating' or whatever you'd like to call it) typefaces from other sources is reason many of their faces seem to be disappearing.

I ask mainly because I have been using Ad Grotesk recently and decided to buy a few more weights but can't find any instances of it anywhere. Paratype and FontShop seem to have removed the family from their catalogues.

Could it be a similar case to the disappearence of Scangraphic's version of 'Unica' a few years ago?
Any news much appreciated.

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If you are in need of more weights for Ad Grotesk
according to:

Akzidenz Grotesk™ should do it.

Ad Grotesk; Gothic 725; Grigat; Standard; Wayland

and of course, please check out:

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I've actually gone from using Akzidenz Grotesk to AG Old Face to Ad Grotesk looking for something more like the original non-digital cuts as used in the signage at the Barbican and/or as featured on the 'Marber Grid' Penguin titles from the 60s (I should post some pics).

That's way specific, huh. I'm sure they are all different cuts of the same font but I kind of like the way Scangraphic separate their fonts into Body Types and Super Types (especially with the tight keaning), I'm also wondering whether or not I should buy any more of their fonts if the whole collection is soon to disappear into nothingness.

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Don't forget Basic Commercial.

As for the Scangraphics, I am sad to report there are trademark issues, indeed.

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Dang! Their Supertype cut for Futura (with the ink traps intact) is lush.

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Boico, can you share a link directly to it?

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Scangraphic's Futura SB with ink traps included.

URW's Futura Plus has even larger inktraps.

Scangraphic Futura Extra Bold SB

URW Futura Extra Bold Plus

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Larger, but fewer - check out the other two corners in the "A"...


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