decorating my apartment with letters!

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here's a fun one!
i'm getting ready to move into a new, snazzy, downtown apartment, and i'll be having a blast decorating it. I LOVE LETTERS and fonts. does anyone have any ideas about how to decorate with letters? i know it sounds silly, but i would love to have letters (beautiful ones, of course) on the walls or on the shelves or all over the place? hmmm.... the possibilities are endless.

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Look at foundry web sites to see if they have posters and other items for sale using their type. You can always get huge blowups of your favorite glyphs made as posters or even wall paper.


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When I was in college I went through a phase like that as well. I was obsessed with hand cut lettering used on store fronts and once off signage jobs for building sites. So under the cover of darkness I would visit such places where typographic niceties were to be found and i would, ahem, 'borrow them'. Over the years I built up a pretty impressive collection and had the whole house decorated. It became a kind of phenomenon here in Ireland - every student seemed to be doing it (borrowing them I mean - I'm sure they did not have the same appreciation for letters as I did) and it even made the news on TV and National press etc. It was a slow news week. But I've grown up now and no longer condone such activity :(

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You can find woodtype letters without too much trouble.

A quick ebay search found this:

(hmm...that last one looks real nice...)

Also, lots of salvage places will have stacks of assorted letters from old signage and the like.

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I googled using terms such as "wall hanging letters," "furniture letters," "decorating letters," "decorative letters," "wood letters," "plastic letters," "neon letters," "stuffed letters," and "plush letters" and got a lot of potentially useful results. Also, most hardware stores (e.g., Ace, OSH, Home Depot, Lowes) carry wood, metal, or decal letters meant to be used for house addresses that you could adapt to other uses. has some glow-in-the-dark letters and numbers that look like building blocks.

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Tables of type.

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And there was that british company who sold smaller letters. They were on Stephen?

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Make your own typographic compositions, and go somewhere where you can let those be cut out on a large plotter. So that you end up having large stickers of letters, that you can stick on your wall. Like they sometimes do in museums and such. If you know what I mean.

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ooh! you could make some compositions on a computer, borrow a projector and project them onto your walls, then trace and paint them.

this way you could try out lots of stuff and see more or less how it will look (projecting it) before you have to commit (painting it).

it would be cool to see some pictures when you're done.


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Or for an apartment that you can't alter the walls, you could do the same thing onto fabric and turn it into curtains.

(That would make for an interesting shower curtain, actually....)

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Fun - how Mary Tyler Moore (and Rhoda) of you...

My neighbor's last name starts with the letter S - and found a 3 foot wooden S - she has put it on the wall of her kitchen - and it looks great!

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From Pentagram:

Abbott Miller and his team have designed the Grammar Collection, a new series of wallcoverings for KnollTextiles. The three patterns are based on overlapping typography. “This is an appropriate theme for any room where there is conversation,” says Abbott.

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But they aren't letters, unfortunately. We're not that far from a local dealer -- I'm tempted to pop in and see them up close and personal....

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Joan O'Connor runs this shop, and it's full of letters and cool type-related trinkets, including lots of antique and rare bits.

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Have a look at this:,0,0,0

The station Concorde has the best 'typographic' decor I have seen in my life. I designed a friend's bathroom based on the same principle. Tiles with letters in different colours can be procured cheaply. I then found a text I wrote on her walls with the tiles. No space, no punctuation (hard to find): I used different colours for different words.

If what you want is to choose yor own type though, you can make images in Photoshop or else, of the letters/words you want, and get them printed and framed professionnally.

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