Bastard typeface

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This is my third font. It is based on my own handwriting. I would like some tips and tricks.
bastard typeface

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This looks very natural. I would only go for a bigger Q, as it looks rather short next to the U.

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i don't know if you're planning on releasing this commercially, but if so you should be aware there's another bastard on the market:

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oops. i didn't know. thanx

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maarten, could you explain
why one should use your font,
and not just take a pen and write down whatever?

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Martin, I hope it is ok that I moved your thread for you. This is fun. One thing that seems to be missing in the "handwritten" font category is an attempt to make complete families. I know there are fonts like this, but it seems to be something that could be done more of ... smallcaps, italic ... alternatives.

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