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(x) juliepotvin.free.fr - Zebrawood Fill {Yves}

the attached pic is of a font which is one of many used on http://juliepotvin.free.fr/
but i’m not sure what it’s name is, or who made it. any help would be greatly appriciated.
old timey font


It’s Adobe’s Zebrawood Fill.

It’s funny how the “fill” variants of those layered
Tuscans and other wood types are so wildly popular
without the actual “framework” designs. I’ve rarely
seen Rosewood in action as it was intended to be,
but Rosewood Fill just keeps popping up everywhere
from CD covers and posters to websites.

Nice observation, Yves. I’ve pondered the same.

thanks! you guys are always quick on these things, muchly appriciated.


YRWLM Phillip. I’m sorry I noticed your post only this morning.
You could’ve had your ID wayyy sooner.

P.S. I quite like the opening page to your site. Reminds me of the
Quimby the Mouse funnies by Chris Ware. Or Itchy and Scratchy.
Looks like that must hurt… =D

thanks yet again. Chris Ware is so freakin good, he combines my two favorite things (comics and typography). nice to be compared :-)


That’s great, the opening to your site. Reminds me of the this site. Those cute little guys, getting all psycho on themselves! Beware candy!

YEAH! happy tree friends was created by a cool comic artist named Rhode Montijo, he draws a comic called http://www.pablosinferno.com/
He’s a real nice guy in person too (which makes his demented mind even cooler).

Tiff, the HappyTreeFriends are rad! I got the link sent to
me by a friend a couple of months ago, and I wanted to
show my kids as I thought these were meant for children
Luckily I always sample stuff myself before I have my
children watch… ;)