My First Serif Font Stab

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Hello Everybody, my name is Alin and i'm new here... and this is my first shot at a distinct serif & text block typeface .. its by far not finnished with letters missing in lowercase and almost no uppercase yet. I intend to make it a full font with italics weights and swashes...

One problem i have with it is that i wanted it to look distinctive to some very small extent from other fonts (its not top priority - i think its better to finnish it properly). My question is .. how do you find it ? if it would be finnished would it be ok as a font ?

P.S. The reason i'm asking is because i've recently discovered it looks very much like Italia - which kinda made me sad :))

Thank you for your time .. much love to the typophile forums - itsa great place :D

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You must have been following the silent film fonts thread!

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sorry but i dont get it :) because of the frame ? :P

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I think Stephen's referring to this thread:

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It does seem to strike quite the resemblence..

sorry haven't seen that thread .. been looking mostly through the font crit and the wiki so far. my apologies. i'ma gonna read it now ... :)

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I typed a lengthy reply, but got a server error. Can't be bothered with retyping it that long again, sorry.

What I said in short:
Your serifs might be a bit too slanted. With the a, b, g, etc. it's fine, but on the f and j and similar characters, it looks awkward.
The u, h and n are too wide (m is better). Bottom serif on v is a bit heavy.
Since all your characters have differences in stroke width, your o, c and e should have that as well.

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thank you. i'll take what you said into account and continue workin on it .. will update as soon as i have all the letters.

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okay so here are the main letters lower and uppercase. i've tried to correct what Quincunx said -

i've tried to temper the serifs on j,f,y but also provided with alternate versions at the bottom...

i've added differences in stroke to o c and e but they might be too weak ...
i'll continue working on them but here's the update:

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Ah, thats looking nice.
I think the lc 'k' bottom could use a bit more subtlety. It somehow looks that the right shoulder of the 'm' is higher then the left one. The alternative 'j', 'f' and 'y' are fine in my opinion, although the serif on the normal 'y' does work. Maybe a similar treatment might work on the other two as well? I'm also not sure about the slanted crossbars on the 't' and 'f', but then again it might be a characteristic feature too. The difference in strokewidth on the 'e' and 'o' are indeed not very noticable.
The uppercase; Same prob with the 'J' as with the lc. The terminal of the 'K' is better then on the 'k'. The lower stroke of the 'L' might be a bit wide, that could cause a large gap when text is set with the typeface. The 'S' is a bit wide.
No serifs on the bottom of the 'V' and 'W'? (might not need it, but it does stand out). The shift of the strokes in the 'X' might be a bit exaggerated, at least on this size. Also on the top, the counter becomes a bit small. But I like the style of your uppercase, although I do think it does not exactly match the style of the lowercase. Lowercase is very geometric, your uppercase is not.

All in all it's starting to take shape, keep it up.

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