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I am currently designing a book based on Baskerville for a graphic design project at Uni. The book has to link to Baskerville in its format and layout grids. So the book doesnt necassarily have to be your standard book with a cover and pages it can be of any creative nature but link to baskerville.

My idea was a book of stamps showing the transitional features or the Baskerville typeface, but im having problem linking a stamp book directly to Baskerville.

I'm in need some examples of grids and layouts that link to Baskerville's printed works, all the ones I can find are wide margined and very large books such as the bible. Has anyone got any examples of smaller books or different work?

Any other thoughts welcome aswell.

Thanks Simon Moore

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I own a 2-volume set of the Milton, the 1759 edition. The bindings are clearly very old but I'm not at all sure that they are original. Owner's name on endpaper includes the date 1806. I'm mentioning this simply because the trim size of my two books may have grown smaller in the rebinding, if they were indeed rebound.

In any case, trim is 7-1/8" x 9-1/2" (182 x 242 mm) upright. The type page is 25x42 picas (4-1/8" x 7" / 105 x 177 mm). Margins are: head, 5p6; tail, 9p; inner, 6p6; outer, 11p. Type is set 14/17.

I hope this is of some help. They are beautifully designed and printed books with consistent type color from one page to the next, never overinked, and although the paper is foxed it feels as strong and healthy as it must have 250 years ago!

[edit] In case this is of any value to your collection of data, the edition I own was printed by Baskerville for J. and R. Tonson, London.'s picture


you dont by anychance have a photograph of a page or a scanned example?

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I'll try to make one in the next day or so. Check back here then.

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