FontLab class at City College starts 1/29

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FontLab class at City College starts 1/29

Hi All!

Haven't dived into making your own fonts yet? Want to learn to make fonts with FontLab in a casual, fun atmosphere? Then, come join us for GRPH 152 Digital Font Creation in the Graphic Communications Department at CCSF.


GRPH 152 Digital Font Creation
8 Monday Evenings: 1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/12, 3/26, 4/9, 4/23, 5/7
CCSF Ocean Campus, Visual Arts room 105, 6-10pm
Prereq: GRPH 25 Intro to Mac Graphics, or equivalent
Instructor: Amy Conger,
CRN: 38026, 1 unit


This is an intro class to making fonts in Fontlab Studio 5 for Macintosh, in practice and in context.

Whether you want to make a ton of fonts or you just want to get more intimate with the ones that exist, you'll find we cover a lot of interesting topics like these:
* Altering existing fonts in Fontlab
* Drawing letterforms in Fontlab
* Importing letterforms from raster and vector drawings
* Automating accented characters in Fontlab
* Building Kerning pairs into a font
* Avoiding common font snafus
* Pixel Fonts
* A quick survey of the history of type design tech
* Font files and management
* The state of the industry, inc. licensing and sales
* Specimens and critique

You will come away with a font of your own design and some basic skills in FontLab Studio 5 and ScanFont.


The required textbook is "Learn FontLab Fast" by Leslie Cabarga. It is available here:

The optional textbook is "Designing Type" by Karen Cheng (ISBN 0300111509), available online.

You may also want to have a copy of the FontLab and ScanFont manuals. Those are available as PDFs respectively here:
and here:
And you can also optionally purchase a printed version through me in class. (It should run around $20)


- Everyone with a little Mac skill is welcome!

- The class will be available for web and in-classregistration.

- If you do not have the pre-req, add the class then email me.

- You may also add the class on the first day (provided you are enrolled in the college).

- If you are not enrolled in the college, please go register in the credit division:

- The class itself is $26; registration fees are about another $20.


- This class is available for Credit/No Credit grading if you are not applying this class toward a degree or certificate.

- If you cannot attend in person, you may join the independent study group that I will support from a distance. Please talk to me if you are interested.


I look forward to seeing you all in class! Please write with questions.

Amy Conger
Graphic Communications
City College of San Francisco
415-452-5229 free font site: