(x) Download Registration - FF Info Display {Mark S}

I’m looking for DIN like typeface clean enough to be used for body text. Any suggestion appreciated.
Also, what’s this DIN variant?DIN like


because of the R and the i, I really don’t thnk that’s din. Maybe it’s FF Unit w/ alternates?

Oops. Double post.

funny.. I thought you were having a go at MY double post :-)
Thanks for FF Unit but the “a” isn’t right.

I think it’s FF Info.

Bingo… yes, it’s FF Info Display
Thanks a lot.

There’s also a FF Text but it’s not as clean (“g” for instance). I’m thinking of using FF Info Display for some short paragraph descriptions. Any similar fonts I should know about?

sorry for the dup. The forum web site’s not very responsive..

It’s not always like that. If it times out, check the original thread first. Usually the post went through.

I don’t really follow the Meta/Info/DIN/etc. bunch very closely. FontShop seems to have a lot of them, though.