Problems with class kerning

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Dear List.

I am trying to kern throw class kerning and i get this line:

"Start of new pair positioning subtable; some pairs may never be accessed: [f ff] [dotlessi i iacute icircumflex idieresis igrave]"

for sure i had made some kind of mistake, can anybody help me with this?
i am thinking about wrong positioning in the classes panel, am i right?

thanks in advance.

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Hello! Maybe the first thing to check is whether any glyph appears in more than one leftside class or more than one rightside class.

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There is a button with a yin-yang sign in the Kerning Assistance dialogue that helps you detect such kind of mistakes in the class definitions.

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hi Tim, hi Karsten!

I checked both things already and seems to be fine. there is no duplicate within the class kern. I have this [f ff] in both kern and metric classes, but should work fine anyway I believe...

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Dario, did your problem get resolved?

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yes, with i copy his solution to keep it here for anybody else:

You need to do two things --
Go to the OpenType Panel (which contains the feature code)
and delete all the class definitions from the bottom-right
Go to FontLab Options/Preferences (depends on whether you
use Windows or Mac),
click through the submenus "General Options" and "Unicode
and OpenType" -- and therein activate both options:
"Add all glyph classes [...]"
"Do not add metrics classes"

Now go to the OpenType Panel again and compile. Over
here this worked well without error message.

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