Romain de l'empereur, caractère de Charles X

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I was wondering whether the Romain de l'Empereur or its successor, Caractères de Charles X have been digitalised. What if, based on a book typeset in one of those (or the IMprimerie Nationale book of samples), someone recreated the fonts? What kind of copyright issue would there be? Could they be released for free or commercially under those names?

I hear someone did that with the Romain du Roi, though! If anyone knows more about this, let me know.


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This topic has been discussed here many times. You might try one of these threads.

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Thank you very much for the reply but you got confused by my late reference to the Romain du Roi, which I don't really care for: it's a garalde, and I am interested in the Romain de l'Empereur which is a Dido(t/ne). It was later redrawn as Caractères de Charles X.

Another issue for which I have not found any reference is: what are the rules pertaining to copyright that would prevent me to digitise an old font found in a specimen book.

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I put everything I know about the romain du roi in a single massive post, which must be such a breach of every kind of online etiquette that I thought I would shut up for a while.

Somewhere in there you will find my suggestion that the Romain de l'Empereur aka Didot millimétrique, of which a full character set appears in the 1990 Imp nat specimen book, may be somewhere behind the heading font that appears in Le Typographe – I don't think that anyone has yet digitized the type Marcellin Legrand / Charles X.

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