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In my wanderings on the net, I've run across this site which has several fonts on it--[Link Removed by Moderator, TW]. I personally have fallen in love with the Hanch font from that site for my general writing purposes. I was just curious if any of you have any opinions about these fonts.

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Yikes. From what I can tell, these fonts seem to be scanned from specimens of typefaces that already exist in digital form by their original publishers. Haunch is actually FF Scala. And Haunch Bold, Italic, and Bold Italic are simply faux variants created automatically by a computer. See the real thing, drawn by a human, at FontShop.

I would not recommend using these. Many may be in violation of copyrights. But worse, they are just poorly made.

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Ouch, Stephen is right. Haunch is an obvious rip-off. And indeed poorly made, as becomes apparent when opening one in FL. Anchorpoints-galore.

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Alright. Thanks for letting me know. Still new to this font thing and I'm learning. Cheers!

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Understandable. There are a few high quality free fonts, but for the most part, text type in particular, there is a price to pay for the type designer's hundreds of hours of labor, and it is usually worth the investment. Have a look at the foundries listed here for more reputable work. The ones with a gray arrow point to a page where you can learn more and usually a link to their official site. Essential Typefaces is another good starting point.

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Roger the Dodger may shortly be getting some legal attention.

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Nice to hear Nick -
This guy should be ashamed - Sudbury is the worst rendition I've seen of Caxton yet.

I wonder if someone should ask him to justifty/explain what this means?

Roger White is a quite prolific author of fonts for use on computers.


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