american classic - oblique unicase square techno sans

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Any ideas on the type used in this bike component maker's logo?

larger sample here on a wheel:

and a vector version on the last page of the PDF here:, although this looks rather anaemic and poorly spaced compared to other two samples, as if it's missing its outer edge?


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It looks so familiar… Forgotten Futurist, Concielian, House Bullet… Trademarker

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None of those... there are many other similar too, but nothing seems quite right, even ignoring the unicase L...

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Supreme by Samuel Park.

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Cheers Ignacio!

That looks to be it, but just wondering given Mr Park's Puma and Snickers fonts, whether it might actually be based on the logo. Do you know any more?

Edit: going by this would appear to be the case: Other fonts I've created is a bunch of low quality 'based-on-logotypes-fonts like 'Park', 'Supreme', 'Freak out - Go bananas', 'Lunch time', 'What time is it?' and a couple of other.

Also found what looks like the same font, same author, called "Bauer" -- as in the ice hockey company -- which is more likely to be the logo he was looking to emulate. Bauer appear to have changed their logo face since and I can't find a sample.

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Do you know how old is that american classic logo?
This font looks it was made around 2001-2000, scroll down in here.

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The American Classic logo was probably only created in the last 2 years, but I guess I'm really after the original font if one exists.

I'm sure I saw the old Bauer logo on rollerskates around 1987 so the question should now be what font was used there.

Still can't find a proper sample, below is the preview image from Samuel Park's "Bauer".

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