Typowiki: where to add in Hatch Show Print?

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Hatch Show Print is not technically a museum, but a sort of living museum/business/printer/etc. I think it is worthy of adding to the Typowiki, but under what category?

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that's the thing about categorizing things, sometimes you have to shoehorn things into categories where they don't quite fit, or make a new category. How bout one for printshops?

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Maybe an "Old School" or "Craftsmanship" category?

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Wood type? Letterpress?

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From personal experience (and lots of knowledge of Hatch; I've visited the shop, studied a bit with Jim Sherraden and read a lot about them), I can tell you that he'd be offended if he was listed as anything but a printer.

Jim is certainly an artist and there are other great artists that have been associated with Hatch, but they are first and foremost job printers and they are very proud of that and have no pretensions to anything but being great poster and art PRINTERS.

Aluminum - their work is 100% letterpress, yes, using mostly wood type, although I am sure they have some metal on hand as well.



jlt : http://www.hewnandhammered.com : rnrmf!

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As JLT mentions, you could also place it under the 'good guys to go visit for a day' list. Jim is about as nice of a person as one gets.

Have you all seen the Hatch Show wine yet?:


I haven't TASTED the wine yet, but, of course, that's irrelevant, as we designers never buy wine based on the product INSIDE the bottle. ;o)

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