(x) Calogero hand drawn scribbled sans - Jump Start {Lex}

erm could someone please tell me what font this is?

thank you



What is the source? Has it been used more extensively? From what I can tell it is handlettered.

The two 'o's look identical to me... could be a font.

- Lex

i dont know i found it on here http://www.calogero-essentiel.net/

no hits - not even anything close to it on whatthefont!! I would be inclined to agree with Tiffany but the 'o's do look identical - perhaps that was a simple copy and paste during the image manipulation process?

In my experience, these little avatars are designed by fans, and use free fonts scoured from the darkest recesses of the internets. Try checking dafont.

- Lex

Found it.

- Lex

what do you know... well done Lex, never thought to check that cesspit.

wow thanks!! :D