Non-Latin Conference: 18-19 September 2007, London and Reading

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Non-Latin Conference: 18-19 September 2007, London and Reading

I am happy to announce that St Bride Library and the Department of Typography, University of Reading are collaborating on a two-day conference on non-Latin typeface design. The conference will be on Tuesday 18 and Wednesday 19 September 2007, and will comprise a day of talks at St Bride Library, London, and a day of hands-on sessions at the Department of Typography, Reading.

Speakers at the conference at St Bride include Graham Shaw (Head of Asia, Pacific and Africa Collections at the British Library), Victor Gaultney, Mammoun Sakkal, and Maxim Zhukov, amongst others.

The hands-on day at Reading includes sessions working with original material from collections of both institutions. Sessions will be conducted by: Jo de Baerdemaeker, Dr Martin Dodds (Principal Examiner for Urdu, CIE), Gerry Leonidas, Thomas Milo, and Dr Fiona Ross. As sessions at Reading involve working with original artefacts, seats will be limited to 30 persons.

The twin events will be accompanied by substantial exhibitions on the theme of the conference from the collections of both institutions. A lot of this material has rarely been seen before, and certainly not in this concentrated manner. The gems include original drawings for several reference non-Latin typefaces. The exhibitions will be curated by Fiona Ross and Rathna Ramanathan.

Registration fees are £60 for the Tuesday only, and £120 for both days; student fees are £40 and £80 respectively.

Other speakers are in the process of being confirmed. We will post updates as soon as more information becomes available.

Rob Banham, Gerry Leonidas, Rathna Ramanathan, and Fiona Ross