(x) Gothic found on www.anthonyburrill.com - Wilma {Stephen}

Hello there...

Sorry to but in with a halfass question like this, but tell the greenhorn. What font is this?

hang on working with the jpg uploading... hmmm


Wilma. Rarely used! Where did you find this sample?

I opened a thread too a while ago about this typeface, or more about Railroad, the original woodtype.
It's here: http://typophile.com/node/28237
There is a scan from an older type specimen book I attached, and hrant also posted a (the same) scan from another book.

(somehow it doesn't want to convert the url to an active link, sorry).

ohhh and I was preparing to get mopped questioning a font simmilar to times new roman.

well I got it from some artwork on this site www.anthonyburrill.com/ under "projects" and " - New Messages - Draft magazine"

thanks a lot fellars!!