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Giambattista Bodoni

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Museo Bodoniano

List of the main bodonian cuts, by A. Segalini & F.M. Rossi :

  • ATF Bodoni (1911, Morris Fuller Benton) [Amsterdam, Stempel, Deberny & Peignot, Monotype, Haas, Intertype, Typoart, Linotype]
  • Nebiolo Torino (1913, Alessandro Butti)
  • Ludlow Bodoni Modern (1836, Robert Hunter Middleton) [Bodoni Campanile]
  • Bauer Bodoni (1926, Henrich Jost, Louis Höll)
  • Tippecanoe (1942, William Addison Dwiggins)
  • Novarese’s bodonians (1961-1989, Aldo Novarese)
  • Letraset Carousel (1966, Gary Gillot)
  • Berthold Bodoni Antiqua (1970, Günther Gerhard Lange, Karl Gerstner)
  • Berthold Bodoni Old Face (1983, Günther Gerhard Lange)
  • WTC Our Bodoni (1989, Tom Carnese)
  • PDM Bach Bodoni (1989, Piero De Macchi)
  • FF Bodoni Classic (1994, Gert Weischer)
  • ITC Bodoni 72,12,6 (1994, Sumner Stone, Holly Goldsmith, &c.)
  • Emigre Filosofia (1996, Zuzana Licko)
  • Linotype Gianotten (1999, Antonio Pace)
  • Preuß Battista (2005, Ingo Preuß)

At TypeCulture, find a concise biography of one of the most prolific type makers and printers of the 18th and early 19th centuries. Here is Bodoni’s life in brief, year by year, in which his reputation as the “Printer of Kings and King of Printers” is illuminated.

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Written by Alessandro Segalini, edited by Mark Jamra.