(x) Breadtalk logo sans - FF Meta {Patricia}

below is the websites for "breadtalk"

and I just wonder on what kind of typeface did 'this' company used..
Since I have to transform this logotype into "Chinese Character" series for my typography project..

so,,, hope anyone can HELP.... need to transform it as alike as posible....

also attached it directly here ;)


Looks like Meta Bold


Stephen - this points out another issue I have with Fontshop.com vs. myfonts.com - which is that at Fontshop when you search for a font it comes up only in the packages available and you kind of have to guess is it FF Meta 1 or FF Meta 2 whereas the same search in myfonts lets you view the entire Meta family at once.

Totally. Improved in the imminent relaunch. Thank you for taking the time to mention it! I love your feedback.

Thanks for the quick and useful feedback :)
very.much.indeed. appreciate it*