(x) Postbank corporate sans - Postbankface by Theo Klooster {Henry Fool}

Is there anybody out there that can tell me what the font the Dutch 'Postbank' concern uses in their visual identity and advertisements? I have whatthefonted it, googled it... but I really have no idea. No doubt, this is a custom font, but who designed it? Are there any fonts similar to this?


Here you go... I googled it too.



Superb, thanks a lot! ;) I guess we can close this with Postbankface by Theo Klooster then. What an awful site, that man has. However, since this is very impossible to attain, does someone know of a font with such curves? Notice the superb 'k' and those nice stems.

Some aspects (including the k) remind me of Clearface Gothic:


Hey marcox, that's pretty on spot — it does share similar curves. Thanks a lot!

I believe that nowadays they use Rockwell for all their promotional material.

Yeah, weird. Lubalin Graph or Rockwell.
But the logo still uses Postbankface.