(x) Titles on iconwerk.de site - Audimat {Stefan Dziallas}

I' d like to know what the font was used for the titles? Attached one for example.


The file is 0 bytes. So there is nothing there. Try again.

For some reason I can't see your sample, neither in Firefox nor in Safari.

It looks a bit like Fabrizio Schiavi's Sys.

BTW Here's the site.

Good thinking! Thanks!

Thanx for your effort, but it's not SYS. Look just at "a"...

I know it's not Sys, that's why I wrote "It looks a bit like Fabrizio Schiavi’s Sys." I did see that 'a'. ;^)


Another similar one, still that a isn't right


now I'm here, too.

The font thaz I have used is called Audimat. Jack Usine was so kind and allowed me to modify it for my personal use.

Getting the story direct is so nice. Cheers Stefan. Nice site too!