Ultrafonts, the anti-aliased pixelfont foundry

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TRUTH in Design is proud to announce www.Ultrafonts.com, a screenfont foundry combining the best features of pixel fonts and anti-aliasing.

Typophiles like Miguel Hernandez, Gustavo Ferreira, Hrant Papazian, Hugo Perez, Christophe Badani and Nathan Matteson painted every shade of gray in each Ultra Pixel Font .
Hand-painting beats machine anti-aliasing, especially at small sizes: http://www.ultrafonts.com/images/posters/UPF-vs-normal-screen-fonts.gif

Ultra Pixel Fonts are compatible with Flash and many other TrueType environments. Two free fonts, Silkscreen Remix and Verity, are downloadable for testing.

Please contact me with comments, or if you want to paint your own fonts the UPF way.

Thank you Typophile!

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