(x) "Techaid" rounded geometric sans - (similar to) Chickens {Conor}

Can you identify this rounded geometric font ?
Or is it hand drawing logo ?

Thanks :-)


I'm guessing this was drawn by hand and constructed out of circles - look at the awkward curves in the 'h'. As you suggested, Bryant would be a good alternate, as would Gotham Rounded.

- Lex

Not so good. Widths are odd and 'e' is amateur. I would highly recommend Bryant Alt (not condensed).

VAG Rounded is similar and nice too. T-Mobile currently uses it.

Thanks for your quick help :-)
This logo has the smell of my 70's Childhood, even it's not perfect.

Hope I could use a rounded typo like Bryant for my future works !

Also, Typ1451 from Lineto.

I know some quality alternatives have been suggested, but Chickens is very close.

Conor, I think you've hit it -- all it needs is some stem removal. The shape and proportions of the e and h in particular, are convincing to me.

- Mike Yanega