New Exclusive Releases from Font Bros!

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New Exclusive Releases from Font Bros!

Greetings Font Friends!

The Font Bros have been busier than ever adding a pile of new items to our site as well as revealing a few new tricks up our sleeve!

We're pleased to announce the release of a pile of new and exclusive typefaces you can only get at Font Bros!

Bamboozle - With all the Polynesian charm you could ask for, famous tiki artist and sculptor Squid has the itch you're scratchin' for with Bamboozle, the nicest bamboo font we've ever laid eyes on! Check it out here!

Silverstein and Seasoned Hostess - You'll be blown away with these amazing script typefaces from our newest foundry, the Tart Workshop. Designed by the lovely and talented Crystal Kluge, Font Bros is pleased to bring Crystal's amazing lettering exclusively to you! Check 'em out here!

Woody - Yee Haw Pardners! Meet Woody the roughest ridin' rootin' tootin' dern wood typeface we ever laid eyes on! Designed by the folks who brought you Havana Street 1940s clip art, these Texans know REAL western! See for yerself here!

Sweetheart Script - Still don't know what to get your sweetie for Valentines Day? How about the newest Typadelic font from Ronna Penner, Sweetheart Script! Based on vintage greeting cards, this retro script is sure to win 'em over! See it here!

Dingbats Daddio! And plenty of 'em! Check out our Dingbats section now plum full of great new dingbats from Outside the Lines and Blue Vinyl! Twelve (12) NEW dingbats just added!

BUT WAIT, There's MORE!!!!!!! (...that just never gets old)

The fine folks who brought you the amazing Indie Fonts 1 & 2 books were kind enough to invite Font Bros to participate in the third installment of this amazing collection.

Indie Fonts 3 picks up where one and two left off, providing a showcase collection of over 1900 diverse fonts from 20 of today's hottest digital type foundries and features the best work of these designers. This limited edition hardcover edition will help you find some of the highest quality fonts available today.

Indie Fonts 3 comes with a companion CD-ROM-worth far more than the retail cost of the book-featuring 53 representative fonts from the book's independent foundries (fully licensed and ready to install).

And finally . . . No longer do you need to spend hours searching for the font your looking for, we're gone alphabetical baby and we're randy about it!

The Selectronic has been upgraded with the most modern transistor technology available to help you find precisely the font you're looking for! Our new A-Z search allows you to cruise through our library of display faces at supersonic speeds.

So much to see! So much to do! Check it all out at:

See ya there friends!

Mike & Stuart (The Font Bros)