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(x) Typewriter face called Light Italic - digitised as Lisa {Zachary Ohlman}

… and I wondered if it has been digitalized. Probably not, but I thought I'd ask you people before giving it up.



It is called Light Italic, made for the IBM Selectric I & II.

It has been digitized: http://xyz.ch/H.html and is called "Lisa" apparently... although I'm not sure it is for sale.

Remington Typewriter Italic has some similar qualities

That is a lovely thing. Also consider FF Elementa Italic which, sadly, has far fewer balls.

You loved typing that last comment, didn't you ;-)

Cheers. I actually found it at the selectric site; Wish I had one of these fancy IBM machines.

Wish I had one of these fancy IBM machines.

Me too. Although back in the days when one actually had to get a lot of work done with them, they could be a real pain.

The "correction tape" was not fun to install if you were in a mad rush. ;-(