adidas numbers style?

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I am creating some posters involving retro teams and so and I am curious how to make numbers like this:

So if anyone knows please help. Thanks.

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Your best bet would be to buy a sufficiently retro-style font, along the lines of Dazzler or Trisect. There are a bunch of similar ones out there. But do you want to make it yourself? In that case, outline a font you like, duplicate it a number of times, and mess with the curves to get it to look right. But I'd recommend buying something instead.

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The way I would approach this is to draw the skeleton* line with a stroke (say 1pt) in the background colour and copy it to a lower layer then make a wider white stroke (11pt), copy to lower layer, make the new stroke a tiny bit wider (13pt), copy again and make white stroke (23pt). The figures are based on the thin strokes being 1pt and the white strokes 5pt, but you would have to finetune it to get it right. The other thing to keep an eye on is how the ends of the strokes are affected.

*the line that runs through the centre of the character

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In CorelDraw, you could draw the innermost "layer" and the outermost one, apply a blend, then break the blend apart and colour each step appropriately.

- Lex

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