"Deluxe" square compact sans

Anyone got any leads, or is it customized?


It looks very hand made by an amateur letterer. 'E's are different and 'X' is odd. But lovely anyway. Reminds me of this sign I saw in Berlin.

Consider Refrigerator, Manifesto, Tasse and Topic. Also, Nick Sherman's Plan 9.

Thanks for posting this Stephen - it's a lovely picture and i am such a sucker for squarish, narrow sans serifs.

Ditto. I never got an ID on the one I posted months ago - the designer didn't return my email.


Thanks Stephen. I figured it would be handdrawn. I know that store owner a little bit, so next time I may ask him.

Also have a look at "Freundschaft" by Stephan Müller:

Thanks, Brown Fox.