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This is my first try on a font, and here are the thin version, only in lowercase. Comments appreciated...

application/pdfRepublika Gothic Thin
republika gothic thin.pdf (10.0 k)

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Outstanding. I don't see anything I would change, except perhaps to heighten the dot of the i/j so it looks more like a square than a line.

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Thank you for that comment, Kevin... my main concerns are the "m", that connects in the middle before the bowl has ended, but Ive seen both Luc de Groot and Gerard Unger use that approach, so I guess Its OK.... I dont see any good solution to it anyway. The other thing is that I feel maybe the font is too ordinary, I dont know. But I think it will gain more character in the bolder versions.

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Nice font!
first I see: The spacing is in my eyes to narrow

Will give more feedback later.

Greetings Jens

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Hello T,

I really like the concept of this typeface.
I'm not sure about the proportions... your ascenders and descenders seem to short at a quick look. You should print some samples on small sizes to check it out.

Some details:

1 The hairlines of 'a' and 'e' are too thin. This will cause the character to break at text sizes. You should make it the same constrast as in 'n'.

2 The 'a' needs work to me. It's curves don't seem to match with the rest of the font.

3 The 'r' can be narrow.

4 The upright diagonal of 'x' can be thinner.

If you work more on the constrast of individual charcaters, having 'o' and 'n' as references, your typeface will be more even.

Keep up the good work!

Fabio H

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Thanks Fabio, I guess you are right about most things,
and I

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Hello again

now i have a little more time for the rest...

I agree what Fabio sayed about the thick/thin contrast. But I like it how you did in e and a!
I would try do do this in the other faces...

The bowls of o, e, d b and the other differs a lot i guess. The width of d, b, p ... seams for me to wide.

The middle stoke of the a is to high

The curved middle of the z is great!

s seams to be to wide, also the stroke-width is bolder than others

Where is the uppercase? ;-)

Greets Jens

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Allright Jens, I

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Dont care about originality. Every time you will work on your font, you put more personality into it! And I promis you will edit it a lot...
There is allready a own style inside that isent Meta...

Greets Jens

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ok guys, here

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Grab this instead; it

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Hi Tobias,

You got a lot of praise yet, so i'll skip that and go on with critique.

lc s: the upper part is too wide. the letter leans backward. Try to reach a trapeze form. Perhaps you look at a thread where I got some lessons on type.

(quote's rights belong to Mr.Randy Jones due to multiple usage, i'd say)

If you're lucky, you might get some better tips from the experts in here.



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Thanks Dominik, I was thinking about leaning the s forward, maybe now I can do it right!

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While I dont want to start a row in regard to people, or personalities, is this font an extention of the font family already known as Republika ? If not a suggestion in name change may be appropriate.

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Didnt know it

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As stated, I am not going to start a row, but a simple google search shows a 300 family font called republika by someone who will not be mentioned here. If one of the more regular people here want to comment on that font or person, it is for them to decide.

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