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I've been playing around with type design for a while I usually always customise fonts to suit my needs but haven't actually made a working font yet.

I need a little advice just whether people like the unicase style, whether its been done before and which Q.

I attend on making a heavier version and a compressed version, maybe the compressed version could be a lowercase option, we'll see.


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The left Q is funny! It looks like the profile of a smilie :)

The D and P arent working. Maybe you should try to make them with ascender and descender!? U and N are way too wide. The R and S arent nice.


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I think this is very promising, and very interesting. Keep working on it...

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D and P are indeed not really working, imo. The opening in the C is véry small. The N and U are too wide I think. The J somehow seems to miss a horizontal (slab)serif on the left side. The S isn't working.
The numerals are weird, but somehow nice as well. Only the 6 and the 9 maybe not very legible.

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I really like this -- you should definitely keep developing this. I agree with all that Steven and Jelmar said, except that I dont' dislike the r.

Some suggestions of my own: There's something weird going on with the M's strokes -- the left middle one seems to oddly taper in the center, which definitely ruins the monoline feel of the letter. I find the left Q too illegible, but maybe you could add a serif or two to the right Q to make it a bit more different in keeping with the rest of the font. I feel the X is too wide, while the Z isn't wide enough. The Y feels unbalanced -- try moving the top two strokes higher. I'd rethink the 1, 9, 6, and 7. The 6 and 7 especially look too much like other letters (b and F). Finally, I'd shrink the top of the 2.

Again, I really like where you're going with this.

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Thanks guys for the really good advice.

I've already made some of the changes people have suggested and its looking a lot better. I'll just keeping working on it and maybe post it again once I'm happy with the changes.

Thanks again.

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