does anyone have a swedish identity (three crowns)

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Simple, does anyone have swedish national logo - three crowns, in vector format of course.

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It isn't there sadly :(

golden ratio of passion.

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There are several different versions of these crowns, varying in complexity.

For example,

For vector try and search on say 'Sweden Hockey', 'Swedish Olympic Committee'.

See also

and note section on regulated use.

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If you decide to redraw it, I reckon each crown is a 4x3. The lower vertices then appear to fall at the golden section. The whole thing (ie all 3 crowns) fit onto a 12x8 rectangle.

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Redrawing it would be unnecessary, since you posted a PDF. You can open that PDF in Illustrator, and copy the logo in vectors from it.

Because I'm so nice, I have done just that. Shall I upload it somewhere?
Or if you want to do it yourself.. :)

Though I'm not sure if such a thing is allowed, reading that regulations and such.

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Nick job wrote: See also
and note section on regulated use.

You should look this over, the use of the coat of arms is heavily regulated.

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I think Saab used three crowns as part of their logo at some point in their history. Not sure about right now.

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