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this is my first font ever. it was made 2 years ago. i was thinking about redesigning it.
can you tell me what you like and what you hate about it?
thank you

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Hello Maarten

looks nice to me but needs a lot of work I guess! Did you have it in biger gif? maybe Flash or PDF?

The diagonal line of the UC 'Z' is to bold. Guess it its the gif but the steams have diffrent with- Look at LC 'i' and 'n'. The 'c' seams to closed. Open it more like 'e'

UC 'H' and 'E': The middle horizontal line is in my eyes to high.
UC 'Q': The Tail .. uh its not my favorit but is also not the ugliest ;-) Maybe you should try some other solutions.
UC 'N': The width is to small I guess
UC 'M' and 'V': It seams that the inner is the same.. I dont like it and the bottom edge need to be more left.
UC 'P': I like this semi-lowercase caracter ot the top-left
Also Bottom-left of 'B' and 'D'
UC 'S': leans to the left... Maybe you have to him a crook ;-) just a joke *g*

Okay I will stop here otherwise u maybe get fustratated ...
Typedesign should make fun and not work! ;-)

Greets Jens

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The W is so wide, it seems like it was dropped in from a different typeface. Try remaking the W from scratch, looking at the M for comparison. The hooky descenders are interesting; the j is the best-formed one and you may want to just transplant it to the others.

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i made some sketches for a revisted zinc.zinc/revisted

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Nice, Maarten.
I just don't think that the curvy legs on hmn are working.
The f is falling to the left and the j is too exaggerated.

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This is much better than the first iteration.
Your descenders seem to be of unequal depth, but in this case I think that's actually a great feature.


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i agree with Eduardo. curves a bit bit extreme. Otherwise a nice piece of work.

Ooops. I promised myself never to use the word "extreme" as it belongs to the WWF type's vocabulary.

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If you know that, then it's really too late anyway.


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thanks guys
did you allready see the soma type i made?
greetings, mmm

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