Fraktur typewriter specimen example

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Robert Michael brought it up, i post it at typophile.
Wonderful, with "ch" ligatur. Nice specimen design, also.

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Way cool.


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This specimen is dated presumably 1935, for whom who are interested …

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OMG Mono blackletter. That is awesome, I need it.

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Just for the sake of fun…

I translated this part, where exactly the opposite happens of what they tried to advertise. You see the "ch"-ligature problem.

Ein wesentlicher Vorzug ist die Ausgeglichenheit des Schriftbildes.
An essential advantage is the balance of the typeface.

>Way cool.
Yep, not more

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A nice sample here too

from the German Wikipedia page for [Bad link]

Anyone know other blackletter typewriter / monospaced examples?

I know of [Bad link]

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