(x) "Motocicli Zaccardo" Art Deco sans in Nike advertising - (similar to) FF Typeface Six {Yves}

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Anyone familiar with this sans - Motocicli Zaccardo

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Adapted from or at least inspired by Neville Brody's FF Typeface Six.

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Yves thanks again.

Anything similar also?

Btw, what art style infulences these posters?

golden ratio of passion. sansogno.coastaldisturbance.com

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It reminds me the posters of A. M. Cassandre


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Italian Art Deco style, from ending 20's and 30's.
Some examples I've quickly googled :
- http://www.internationalposter.com/wdetail.cfm?ImageName=itl07311
- http://www.internationalposter.com/wdetail.cfm?ImageName=itl01334
- http://www.internationalposter.com/pimages/ITL01317s.jpg

Remind me a the spirit of geometry of the monumental "Mostra" font.
And behind of all, the "futurism" italian movement, focused on modernity, machines and speed.

Art Deco posters : http://www.enjoyart.com/art_deco4.htm

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Inspired by this art period is Mark Simonson's Mostra.

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