old swiss types

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I was wondering if somebody had informations about book types being made in switzerland (german or french part).
Everybody knows about helvetica, frutiger and so on, but before that (16, 17, 18, 19th century) there should have been some punchcutters and type founders or were all types only copies or buyed in france and germany?
From what i know, basel was a center for printing since it was a religious center but i'm more interested in roman types...

I'm studying graphic design here in switzerland but all my ressources are french or english books and i can't find lots of information.
Thanks to anybody who could give me some interesting ways for my researches!


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Mais alors,

you can reach no less than three good museums of printing history within half an hour and one hour from your hometown:

– the Gutenbergmuseum in Fribourg,
– the Papiermuseum in Basel,
La musée encre et plomp in Chavannes.

I am sure that there you will find enough helpful people who could give you information.

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Oh merci Florian!

i just found the papiermuseum after i poster my message but wasn't aware of the others museums.

thx a lot, i will try to get in touch with them.

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