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This is an early test of the redraw of a shelved typeface that I started back in 2001.

The original Typophile thread is still here:

I've updated the look and feel, giving it a less rigid appearance compared to the old version. I've also developed the lowercase, hopefully giving the typeface more versatility. I've tried to retain as much of the 'character' of the old version as possible. Being an early test there's quite a bit of work left to be done.

Attached are two specimens, one of the original from a few years back, and one of the new updated version. Excuse the 'cobbled together' nature of the specimen, it was thrown together in Illustrator pretty quickly.

Some feedback on the general look of the face and comments on the glyphs/curves/character relationships/anything else would be gratefully appreciated. And if you think I should bin it by all means say so... honesty is what I'm looking for.

Thanks :)

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magnitude_07_test.pdf714.69 KB
magnitude_07_upd1.pdf810.63 KB
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Here's another specimen of the early version.

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Much better. Kept the sexy foundation but now it's more versatile with the lowercase and more standard forms.

I don't think anyone will buy the 'Q'. Bring the line down a bit more to the corner and keep this one in as a fun alt.

I think the 't' horizontal is a little week on the left side. No other stroke is that short on one side of the vertical. Try just cutting the left side altogether.

The 'N' is awkward. A rotated 'U' might make more sense. Or just a more traditional 'N' with the diagonal meeting the ends of the verticals.

The 'f' horizontal is way too low.

Don't assume people don't want 'i' and 'j' dots. It looks nice without them, but give them the option.

Good move on the slashed zero. There are far too few of these around.

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You might want to correct the "optical issues" a little bit.

Notice how the vertical stem seems thinner than the horizontal?

Of course, that’s up to you, but I’d fix them.

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To be honest the 'Q' was the main problem character in the uppercase as it's the only character (bar the numerals) with a left-right downward slant; all the others have an upward slant which (hopefully) draws the eye to the top of the next character. I've drawn a few more options in the latest PDF.

The left sidebar of the 't' was causing problems so good call on losing it. It just didn't sit well with other characters as the left side sat just a little lower than the x-height.

The 'N' is drawn like that intentionally to fit with the 'K', 'R', 'X', 'Y' and 'Z'. Just having an 'N' where the diagonals met the top/bottom of the verticals wouldn't fit (in my opinion). If anyone else thinks it's a problem too then I suppose I'll need to look at it again. I do have some alternates for the uppercase (shown in the PDF) and a full small caps set drawn too.

The 'f' horizontal again was intentionally lowered to help the general flow of the face but I agree it's a bit unorthodox. I've dropped the left sidebar like I did on the 't' and comped a few tests together.

And I will be putting the dots on the 'i' and 'j', I just haven't got around to it yet as I can't decide what form they're going to take.

Goran, that 'C' is from the previous version so hopefully it has been resolved at least a little by the redraw. I drew it as a monoline face originally and was hoping that I wouldn't have to alter the thicknesses. If anyone agrees that it needs looking at then that's what I'll do.

I was a bit concerned about the width of the 'r' so I've altered that too, hopefully not too much though.

New PDF sample attached (up there somewhere, 'magnitude_07_upd1.pdf', I couldn't see how to attach a file to the comment down here), let me know what you think. Thanks for the feedback so far!

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The 'f' horizontal doesn't need to be x-height. Split the difference between the old and the new position and it might be just right.

The new 't' is great.

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Here's the updated sample sheet with the suggested alts made.

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Link to a technical problem thread I created. Seems a flaw in my technique is causing problems with my outline redraw.

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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