Blackletter - now named: BLACKSWIRL

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Hi my first Blackletter font in the process. It still needs punctuation. All comments welcome and thanks in advance.

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I dont know what to say, that is really beautiful and artistic but at the same time very thought to identify caps letter.

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I see a "P" inside the "O" and the "Q", I think the idea is great and the shapes are very sexy, but it needs cleaning, capitals are indeed hard to identify.

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Something like this would be quite beautiful translated into motion. With shapes melting into one another, twirling and growing. (Not to say it isn't interesting.)

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Thanking you all for the time to look at this.

Marc C and fernandoLins

What advice would you give on the clarity of the characters?

Miss Tiffany

It's a real shame I have no grounding in animation or moving image, but it's a nice idea.

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My first post :) Weeman, I think this is just a fantastic looking typeface. It kind of reminds me of sheet music with the curls and the straight lines. It is unusual which makes it very unique. I know you probably still have a lot of work to do on it, but so far, I like it a lot.


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The designs are gorgeous, but there's a problem with the the integral forms and the flourish blending too much in the capitals. Consider your P, where the narrow verticals separate the body from the loop, or the J, whose lower curve sits up very high and looks very similar to a purely ornamental flourish used in other letters.

Also, be careful with the ornaments that you're putting into the counters of O and Q. As they're designed now, either one could be seen as a very ornamental P.

If I were you, I would print out a lot of foreign words using these and ask some non-designers to look at it and tell you which letters they have trouble recognizing. That would assist you in determining where the ornamentation is too over the top.

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This looks pretty cool - and uncommon.
Besides the legibility issue in some letters, I would caution that it will be hard to make this work for more than one letter at a time... Not impossible, just a good amount of work. Could we see some short text in it?

BTW, was this derived from an existing font?


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Thanks Hrant.

No this wasn't derived from a font. This all my own mess I'm afarid. It still only a vector design at the minute and waiting to go into production.

I'll post some text shortly.

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There's a bit of text in the second attachment at the top. It's no Shakespear, but you get the idea.

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I would loose the swishy bits until you have your core forms worked out. Not because the the are not essential but instead because you may have too much on your hands trying to keep them intact while you modifying the forms to make them work better. Then afterwards you can make the swishes work to uniformly promote the usefulness of the font rather than sometimes helping & sometimes hurting it as they do now.

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Thanks Eben. I'll take that under consideration.

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Nice job Werman! You forms, as Hrant sad, are a little uncommon what is preaty good.

Although some characters like your “X” and “P” had a little different "mood" when compared with the other ones. Too much white into the counters spaces. Especially you X seems to be larger then other characters. May be you’ll need to define some width’s metrics and proportions to apply for all. Not to make characters identical, but to give some similar logic on the process.

I think that you have a little different proposes between your lowercases and uppercases. The majuscules seems to be more geometrical and modular but you lowercases have a strong organic forms, have you already tried to equalize them?

Whatever, I liked! It's a good start; make us up to date about it ok?



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Thanks for that elias. I'll do my best to update you but I'm currently working on two more fonts, so it may be a while. But I will post a.s.a.p

Anyway thanks for taking th time to review it, it's most appreciated.

I wanted something slightly different for the lowercase, away from the geometry of the uppercase.

Yeah all the widths will be ssorted when it finallt gets into Fontlab. The X was a tricky one, particaularly when trying to incorporate the swirl that features throughout. I was in two minds about whether or not to use the swirl for the bowl of the P or not, but I kind of like it.

Again thanks.

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Thanks for all the comments. I've finally given it a name - BLACKSWIRL.

It has one problem with the design and that is the two thin bars merge when printed at 10pt
So it still needs a bit of work.

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