Carol Twombly Typefaces

Does anyone know of certain Logos or movie posters that have been done in any typeface by Carol Twombly? and where I may find this information?


Statistics show that 28% of all movie posters use Trajan and 8% of all Mexican restaurants use Lithos.

More Trajan movie posters: Requiem, The Illustionist, and the titles for Six Feet Under.

What about 'Myriad' for the iPod and other Apple stuff? (Although that's technically a Twombly/Slimbach typeface.)

>28% of all movie posters use Trajan

.28% of all movie posters use it appropriately... sometimes I wonder if the designers that make movie posters/dvd covers etc have Trajan set as their default font. Seems like it's save them time!

No, they get told: "Make it Oscar material". Read this as well.

I find it a bit ironic that the two two faces she seems best known for (Trajan and Lithos) are adaptations of literally ancient designs, if I recall correctly. Even Goudy had a go at Trajan in 1930 (Revived by Jason Castle).

She won the Morisawa award for 'Mirarae', but you don't see that too often.

My personal favorite of hers, in a completely different vein is 'Nueva', a lively, casual font that has a great range of color and utility, where you are not trying to weigh down the world with 'meaning' and importance.

- Mike Yanega

Yes Yves, but would you say it is Oscar material solely because of the strength of the typeface, or because at this point it is a precedent? When did it start spawning in the movie industry anyway?

>Even Goudy had a go at Trajan in 1930

So did Tschichold, and so many others!

I convinced this is just a stupid case of there having been a precedent at some point. Hollywood execs aren't the most imaginative bunch -- just look at the movies they produce. :^P